06. Working with Settings

You can change login information, view account usage, subscribe to FileThis Fetch, and customize a few features in FileThis Fetch Settings. To modify your account, click the Settings button at the top of the main FileThis Fetch window. Within the Settings tab, click the Account, Usage, and Preferences tabs to change your settings.

Account Settings

The Account settings show the email address tied to your account:

  • Login Information: The Email Address shown here is your login. If you change the email address here, you will need to login with the new information from that point forward. In addition, FileThis Fetch communicates with you via the email address listed here. If you change your email address, be sure to check your email at the new address for communications from FileThis Fetch.

  • Personal Settings: The First Name shown here displays in the FileThis Fetch greeting at the top of the main window, and the Last Name is used in personal communications from FileThis Fetch.

  • Change Your Password: If you change your password here, be sure to remember it for login purposes.

Note: The actions FileThis Fetch takes to collect your documents are inherently secure. But if an identity thief acquires your login and password information, he or she will have the same access that you do. Be sure to keep your account information private and use a unique password.

Account Settings

Usage Settings

The Usage settings let you subscribe to FileThis Fetch, and they show you show much you’re using your account and when.

  • Previous Login: This area also displays the date, time, and location of your last login, which can be useful if you suspect someone else has been accessing your account.

  • Account Summary: This area displays what type of account you have, when it expires, and how long you’ve had the account. If you have a Trial subscription and want to subscribe or if you need to make other changes to your subscription (such as changing your payment method), click Subscribe. See “Subscribing to FileThis Fetch” for more information.

Usage Settings

Preferences Setting

The Preferences settings let you customize several features of FileThis Fetch:

  • Security: As with other websites that contain your personal information, you should log out from FileThis Fetch when you’re not using it. If you think you may forget, check Log Me Out Automatically After Inactivity and choose a timeframe (from 2 minutes to 2 days) from the menu. The default setting is 10 minutes.

  • Connection Notifications: As FileThis Fetch collects documents from your online accounts, you can request email notifications as follows:

    • Email Me When New Documents Are Fetched: Check this to have FileThis Fetch email you when a new document is collected and forwarded to your specified destinations.
    • Email Me When There Is A Problem: Check this to have FileThis Fetch email you if it has problems collecting documents (for example, if an account password has changed or your destination is out of space).

Preferences Settings